This squatter writes

Have you ever read about “squatter’s rights”?

For awhile, I used to dibs a seat, or a spot on the couch by yelling “squatter’s rights!”. And from what I’ve learned by using Google, the actual definition is rather similar.

It basically means, and I have zero law experience so don’t use this quote in a court of law, that if you inhabit something long enough a squatter could legally own said something. It’s also called “adverse possession” but that’s not what I named my blog so we aren’t talking about that.

So why title a blog “A squatter writes”? Well, partly because it’s a little punny. But mostly because I’ve always wanted to be a writer. The mythical nature of having that title continues to elude me; when are you a bona fide writer?

After you get published? How published is published? Do you have to live off of your earnings? Does it have to be your full time gig? Do you have to be old?? The only writers I know are famous, so do I have to be famous?

These questions and their subsequent answers have plagued my mind for years. And while my mind has been busy turning these questions over, I’ve wrote very little. Like, so little.

So I don’t have answers to those questions but I do know that if I want to be a writer, I have to write.

This blog is me acting in full liberty of my squatter’s rights. If I stay here long enough, and write enough, then I will be a writer. I’ve decided it.



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